Friends of the Morden Mine

Welcome to the Friends of the Morden Mine website. We are a non-profit society dedicated to the preservation of the most complete above-ground remains of an historic coal mine on Vancouver Island and the earliest of two such reinforced concrete structures in North America. The still standing 74 foot (22.5 m.) head frame and adjacent tipple of what was once Morden Colliery are located in Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park in South Wellington, just south of Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Since our society was formed in 2003, we have been actively promoting awareness of the need for preservation of Morden's structures, built in 1913, as well as the history of Morden Colliery and the men who worked there. Preservation of these now 101 year old structures is a race against time. The deterioration of concrete components of the head frame and tipple structures is escalating at an alarming rate. Every spring more dislodged chunks of concrete can be found on the ground below the structures and more reinforcing steel becomes exposed to the elements. We need your help and welcome new members and donations as we continue our efforts to publicize and educate the public about Morden Mine and to persuade the Province to fix the heritage structures that are integral to this park. We are a registered charity and issue income tax receipts for monetary donations.

We welcome comments, suggestions, information, volunteer assistance, and contributions of various materials, such as newspaper clippings, letters, maps, for the Friends of Morden Mine fond at Nanaimo Community Archives.

For those wishing to contact us our e-mail is


To the Members of Morden Mine,

I would like to introduce the new board for 2017-2018:
Christine Meutzen and Kirby Delaney

The Monument has been installed at the mine so go have a look. Plantings will be done in the spring and dedication will be announced.

In order to up the membership. Membership fees are by donation, minimum of $5 or for a donation of $20 or more, members can get a Discover Morden Mine T-shirt or a Souvenir coin (well supplies last) 2017 memberships are now due.

Monthly meetings will be held at the SARC building behind city hall on Dunsmuir at 4pm
Meetings are the first Thursday of the month

Also we have changed the meetings from Director meetings to General meetings ALL MEMBERS WELCOME are encouraged to attend and encouraged to bring others.



OR CONTACT SANDRA or MIKE LAROCQUE @ or call 250-753-1394

Wamest Regards Sandra and Mike Larocque


Friends of the Morden Mine was established in 2003 under the B.C. Society Act (RSBC 1996, ch433) In 2006, the society applied and was approved for charitable status.

  1. The name of the Society is: FRIENDS OF THE MORDEN MINE.

  2. The purposes of the Society are:
    (a) To form a society under the Societies Act to promote awareness, interest, understanding and support for the preservation and restoration of the Morden Colliery and railway within the boundaries of Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park.

    (b) To research and preserve the history of the Morden Colliery, railway and the terminal facilities at Boat Harbour on Vancouver Island.

    (c) To collect and preserve artefacts and archival material relating to the Morden Colliery.

    (d) To provide interpretive opportunities to educational groups, tourists and the public.

    (e) To organize and promote special events related to the mine and the coal mining industry on Vancouver Island.

    (f) To enter into agreements with the Province of British Columbia, other government bodies, and organizations sharing similar purposes for the benefit of all.
  3. In the event of winding up or dissolution of the Society, any funds of the society remaining after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such organizations that work for the benefit of the Morden Colliery Historic Provincial Park or organizations promoting the same objective of this Society, as may be determined by the members of the Society at the time of winding up or dissolution; and if effect cannot be given to the aforesaid provision, then such funds shall be given or transferred to some other organizations, provided that such organization referred to in this paragraph shall be a charitable organization, a charitable corporation, or a charitable trust recognized by Revenue Canada as being qualified as such under the provisions of the “Income Tax Act” of Canada from time to time in effect. This provision is unalterable.


The bylaws of the society are those set out in Schedule B to the Society Act, with the following variations, deletions and additions:

  • Bylaw 25(1) of Part 5 be revised to:
The number of directors must be 5 or a greater number determined from time to time at a general meeting.
Monthly meetings are general meetings - ALL are welcome.